Grovedaughter Witchery

Color Magic

The use of color to add intent or achieve results is one of the simplest forms of magic. Whether it's clothes, crayons, candles, or anything in between, color can be a quick and easy way to add energy and focus to any spell from casual to formal ritual.

Red - Fire, strength, health, courage, energy, willpower, catalyst, attraction, passionate love, sexual love, desire, danger, war.

Pink - Emotional healing, spiritual healing, compassion, peace, family, friendship, affection, renewal, moral fortitude.

Orange - Success, victory, energy, kindness, luck, fortune, prosperity, career goals, ambition, justice, legal matters, action.

Yellow - Air, solar magic, creativity, imagination, knowledge, learning, memory, comfort, joy, persuasion, travel.

Green - Earth, fertility, growth, abundance, rejuvenation, employment, plant & tree magic, physical healing, finances, luck, money, charity, harmony, ambition.

Blue - Water, tranquility, patience, guidance, spirituality, devotion, wisdom, honor, loyalty, truth, dreams, harmony, sleep.

Purple - Power boost, magical success, idealism, wisdom, ideals, piety, sanctity, sentiment, psychic abilities, manifestation, protection, meditation.

Magenta - Use in combination with any other color to amplify and speed results.

Brown - Earth, grounding, decisiveness, stability, hearth and home, protection and healing of animals.

Black - Banishing, active protection, negation, binding, discord, change, spirit work, exorcism.

Gray - Neutrality, stability, loneliness, changing habits.

White - Purifying, passive protection, innocence, truth, consecration, exorcism, spirit work. Can be substituted for any other color if needed.

Copper - Money, goals, professional growth, monetary abundance.

Silver - Purity, lunar magic, clairvoyance, intuition, communication.

Gold - Intelligence, attraction, wealth, financial stability, victory.
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