Grovedaughter Witchery

Strawberry Gossip-Stopper Curse

Intent: To silence those who are slandering or speaking against you behind your back.


Whole Cloves
Thistle Leaves
Lime (or Lime Juice)
Strawberry (medium to large)


Safety Pins
Jar with tight-fitting lid

Slice the strawberry lengthwise so that you get a flat, triangular piece. Looks a bit like a tongue, doesn’t it? That’s the idea. Fold it in half and stick it through with the pin. Use one pinned slice for each person you want to silence. Name them as you go. You can wrap each slice in a slip of paper with the individual name before pinning, if you prefer.

Recite over each pinning:

   I bind your mouth, I bind your voice
   Because you made the foolish choice
   To insult, slander, and seek to maim,
   But now it is YOU who will be shamed.

Toss the pinned slice(s) into the jar with a few whole cloves and those prickly thistle leaves. Slice the lime and squeeze the juice into the jar as well. (You can substitute bottled lime juice if you have it on hand.) Fill with vinegar.

(If you happen to have any mullein leaf or lobelia flowers within reach, throw those in for an extra punch.)

Seal the jar up good and tight. You may wish to reinforce the lid with duct tape to prevent leaks. You can bury the jar if you wish, or simply discard it with your trash.
Note: These spells are the original creations of the witch known as Bree NicGarran. If you choose to post them elsewhere, please give credit.
Please note that these spells are meant as curios and are not guaranteed to work for everyone, or to be substitutes for practical action.
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