Grovedaughter Witchery

Curse for an Identity Thief

Intent: To bring hardship into the life of an impersonator by sharing your own pains and troubles.


    Jar with tight-fitting lid
    Black candle stub
    Vinegar (or urine)
    Pins & nails
    Twine or yarn
    Duct tape
      Blueberry Leaf - for ill luck and hardship
      Thorns - for suffering and loss
      Cayenne Pepper - for pain
      Wormwood - for bitterness and confusion
      Mistletoe - for illness

Since it’s unlikely that you would know the actual name of the person who stole your identity, name the poppet “Thief.” Bind the limbs, particularly the thieving hands, and the mouth. Push thorns into the eyes. If desired, carve or draw the ogham letter Straif on the chest (see below).

Place the poppet into the jar and add the egg, vinegar, pins, nails, and herbs. Light the black candle stub and drip wax into the jar while reciting:

   Your hands I bind, your voice I take
   No peace or rest, asleep or awake
   Your eyes I pierce with sharpest thorn
   No peace or rest, by night or morn

   Your heart I bind with bitter gall
   No peace or rest, no none at all!
   My wrath I send, and spirits vile
   To walk behind you all the while

   You’ve stolen what belongs to me
   So may your bones accursed be
   You sought to take and so I give
   For one year’s time, this curse shall live

   And after, if you choose to steal
   It wakes again with eager zeal
   Don’t try to run, you’ll flee in vain
   I name you Thief! I bring you pain!

Blow out the candle (or spit on the wick) and drop it into the jar. Seal the jar and wrap it well with the duct tape to prevent escape.

Afterwards, you can bury it in a planter pot or at a crossroads (or in a cemetery, if you’re feeling particularly vicious…leave a little bread and some coins if you do this). Wherever you bury it, be sure to walk away without looking back and cleanse yourself and your tools thoroughly when you get home.

Herb Substitutions:

    Blueberry Leaf - Blueberry Fruit (rotting fruit works just as well)
    Thorns - Thumbtacks (or just sharp twigs)
    Cayenne Pepper - Any Pepper (Cayenne is usually available in the spice aisle)
    Wormwood - Mugwort or Lemon Juice
    Mistletoe - Cinnamon or Coconut (the husk is preferable)
Note: These spells are the original creations of the witch known as Bree NicGarran. If you choose to post them elsewhere, please give credit.
Please note that these spells are meant as curios and are not guaranteed to work for everyone, or to be substitutes for practical action.
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