Grovedaughter Witchery

Flower Petal Love Spell

Inspired by “Practical Magic” (1998), this is a love spell that I wrote partly for myself, but also for a friend of mine.


  • Large bowl
  • Consecrated water
  • Rose oil (or Rosewater)
  • Garden with many flowers in bloom, or lots of leaves
  • River or stream with a good current, or a windy night

Ideal Timing: Full Moon

Note: It is not a good idea to perform this spell with a specific person in mind, as those sort of spells easily backfire, or become disappointing if your crush turns out to be attached or not everything you hoped for. Instead, picture someone who you have not yet met who fulfills your heart’s desire.


Record a list of desirable traits in your witchbook or journal. Describe your ideal mate’s physical appearance, and mental, emotional, and spiritual habits. Be as thorough as you like. The more specific you are, the more likely it is that you won’t get pixed by a loophole. Try to present things in a positive fashion, i.e. “They will be kind,” but don’t be afraid to mark down traits that you definitely DON’T want, i.e. “They will not smoke.”

Cleanse yourself with a ritual bath and dress in something that makes you feel desirable and gorgeous. If possible, go barefoot. Taking the bowl in hand, walk into the garden and thank the earth and the plants for their gifts before you begin.

Walk through the garden. Pluck a blossom, petal, or leaf for every trait you desire in a lover or a mate, reciting each out loud as you do. (Be careful not to take too much from any one plant.) Place them into the bowl. Continue until you have gone through the entire list.

Rub the rim of the bowl with consecrated water and rose oil, clockwise, three times, while visualizing your energy pouring into the bowl to join the blossoms and petals, as an attractant to your prospective lover. Chant as you do:

     Lover fair and Lover fine
     Come and join your heart with mine
     I pray you, love the whole of me
    And ever true and faithful be
    I offer up my love, my all
    And pray you heed my earnest call

Take up the bowl of blossoms and cast them either into a strong-flowing body of water or into a strong wind, saying:

    Water/Wind, flow off through hill and tree
    And bring my true love back to me

Go home and light a red candle. Sit for a while and muse on the idea of meeting the person your spell might bring into your life as the candle burns down.

Thereafter, keep your eyes…and your heart…open!

Note: This spell is an original creation of the witch known as Bree NicGarran, inspired by events from the 1998 film, Practical Magic.
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