Grovedaughter Witchery

Kitchen Witchery

An important part of any dwelling is the kitchen. As a meeting place for loved ones and the place where meals are prepared, it is often the heart of the home, replacing the stone hearth of older times. As such, the kitchen has its' own special brand of magic.

Though the cauldrons and open fires have been replaced by saucepans and stoves, modern equivalents of classical tools can be used to create all manner of spells with commonly available ingredients.

Market Magic: Food and Herbs for Witchcraft

Wooden Spoon Wands: Kitchen Utensils as Magical Tools - COMING SOON

The views expressed on this website are the Unshared Personal Gnosis of the witch known as Bree NicGarran. They are not intended to be taken as absolute truth, nor are they intended to invalidate the religious views of the reader. They are meant only as a suggestion and are limited by the knowledge of the writer. Please always be sure to double-check your sources, refer to medical texts, and read critically before using any information in your own practice.
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