Grovedaughter Witchery

Miscellaneous Spells & Charms

Liza Hempstock's Invisibility Charm
To help you fade from people's awareness and pass unseen when you need to. Inspired by Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book."

Put a pinch of poppy seeds in your shoe, turn three times, spit over your left shoulder, and recite:

Be hole, be dust, be dream, be wind
Be night, be dark, be wish, be mind,
Now slip, now slide, now move unseen,
Above, beneath, betwixt, between

Note: This charm helps you pass unseen when you don't draw attention to yourself, but it also might make it difficult for you to be noticed when you want to be. Use with caution.

Hidden Object Charm

To keep something hidden that you don't wish others to find.

Now you see it, now you don’t
Long you’ll seek, but find you won’t
Ever hidden from your view
Seen by me, but not by you

Lost Object Finder Charm

To find a missing item when you're at your wit's end

Stand in a clear space in the room where you’re searching, look up at the ceiling, and clap your hands three times.

Household spirits, gather round
Let now what is lost be found

Let your gaze fall where it will. Check for the lost item in the first place that draws your attention.

It helps to leave out some sweets or a glass of juice or wine every so often to keep those little helper spirits happy.

Perseverance & Patience Spell

Get some paper and write down your goal. Then get some seeds and a pot of dirt. Tear up the paper, wet it down, and mash it into a paste, then mix it with the seeds and form it into a ball.

Plant the ball in the pot of dirt and care for the plant as it grows, reminding yourself of your goal each time you tend to it.

This will also be a good reminder that all things come with time and patience and cultivation, and to not be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away.
Note: These spells are the original creations of the witch known as Bree NicGarran. If you choose to post them elsewhere, please give credit.
Please note that these spells are meant as curios and are not guaranteed to work for everyone, or to be substitutes for practical action.
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