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Supplies for Witchcraft

Ruth Roy's Wellcat Herbs - A highly reputable seller with quality herbs, teas, incense, and botanicals. Also runs a booth every year at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

Starwest Botanicals - Bulk herbs, spices, oils, and teas. Good amount of organic and Fair Trade products, as well as supplies for holistic medicine and tea-making.

Mountain Rose Herbs - Bulk herbs, spices, and sundries. Also carries organic products and essential oils, and has link to schools that offer courses in herbalism and herbology.

The Magickal Cat - Online shop with just about everything you could want for your craft, from herbs to books to cauldrons, and everything in between. Reliable shipping and excellent customer service.

Bulk Apothecary - Bulk herbs, spices, and oils, in addition to materials for the home production of soap, candles, wine, and beer.

The Bee Folks - Bee conservationists and producers of quality honey and beeswax products since 1997. They have booths every year at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

MacFie's Wizard Shop - MacFie's Wizard Shop specializes in handmade wooden wands and all things Wizard.  We offer a wide range of potions, apothecary ingredients, runes, wand accessories, zodiac scrolls, knits, candles & incense, Vampire Hunting Kits and more.  We also have several pages dedicated to the history of Wands & Wizards, Runes & Rune Casting, Vampires, Apothecary and the Magical Properties of the wood we use. (A fascinating place to learn about wand lore!)

Original Botanica - The “Home Depot of Spirituality,” Original Botanica is the premier source for all of your spiritual, new age, occult and religious products. Located in The Bronx, New York, NY.

Specialty Bottle - Wholesale bottles, jars, and vials of just about every size you can imagine. Very low prices, although shipping can be a bear (product is heavy and requires a lot of packing material). Still an excellent source for bulk quantities of any glassware you might want for your craft.

Entomoravia - A distributor of insect pins, manufactured in the Czech Republic. High quality pins in all sizes, in bulk, for low prices. (Note: If you're interested in using Victorian mourning pins in your craft, the Size 1 or 2 black-headed black enameled pins are ideal.)

Seed Savers Exchange - Non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Ideal for anyone wishing to grow their own herbs. - A seed-swap website devoted to the exchange of primarily self-harvested, organic, and heirloom seeds. A great place to find seeds for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, including some you might not find in a typical garden shop.

Texts and Articles

Sacred Texts - An archive of free e-texts that covers a wide range of religious, magical, folklore, and occult topics.

The Magickal Cat - In addition to witchcraft supplies, this site has an Herbal Grimoire and information on stones, crystals, and color magic

Witch-Owned Etsy Shops

This Crooked Crown Witchery & Curiosities - Witchcraft, spells, divination, oracle & Tarot, oils, ointments & bath luxuries, poppets, magic tools & charms, and other curiosities. Custom orders welcome!

Labyrinth Walking - Herbs, jewelry, ritual tools, and handmade one-of-a-kind items for all your witchcraft needs. Optional in-store order pickup is available. (Myrtle Beach, SC, USA)

The Little Fox's Cottage - Here you will find Handmade Candles, Incense, Jewelry , Wands and many other items to suit your metaphysical needs.

Moonlit Herbals - We offer a variety of spell supplies from blessed candles and incenses, to crystal mists, altar oils, offering stones and witch bottles, ritually crafted by the light of the moon...

Raven Moon Emporium - Come in and check out our amazing all natural products! From Body Care to candles, from incense to Bulk Herbs and Teas, we have high quality products that will delight your senses, relax your mind and replenish your soul! You can also order items for in-store pickup! (Rock Hill, SC, USA)

The Shabby Witch - We carry high quality handmade soy candles, potpourri, organic & wild harvest herbs, hand blended oils, ritual supplies, cauldrons, spell candles, magical kits, mojo bags, pagan, Wicca supplies, goddess dolls, Gothic and more.

White Magick Alchemy - White Magick Alchemy carries an array of handmade "Witch Wares" including beautifully handmade premium candles, herbal alchemy, divination tools, pendulums, ritual oils, altar supplies, sacred spell and ritual kits, crystals, magickal and healing gemstones, herbal potions and rare magical apothecary and brews.

Witchy's Crafts - Purveyor of handmade yarns, fiber, and needlework, as well as magical tools, witchcraft supplies, spell bottles, herbal preparations, fine art, and divinatory services.


A Busy Working Witch - Good general information regarding basic correspondences and spells.
Note: If you have an online source or shop that you have found helpful, please email me the name, URL, and a brief description so that it can be added to the list!
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