Grovedaughter Witchery

Traveller's Luck Powder

Intent: To keep one safe and free from mishaps on long trips.


    Irish Moss (aka Carrageen)
    Comfrey Root
    Black Cohosh
    White Oak Bark


    Mortar & Pestle
    Mesh Strainer
    Collection Dish

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use the Black Cohosh if you are or think you might be pregnant. If need be, you can substitute Basil. If you don't happen to have Comfrey Root, you can substitute Fenugreek.

Grind each ingredient separately for several minutes to produce fine powder. Sieve the material through the mesh strainer into the collection dish; this removes the larger ungrindable pieces and gives you cleaner powdered herb. (Pro-Tip: Putting a funnel under the strainer helps reduce lost material.)

Retain the leftover large pieces that don’t make it through the strainer. You can use this for loose incense or charm bags later. Remember, witchlings: waste not, want not! (For the Nutmeg, supermarket spice works just fine.)

Combine the component powders in the collection dish, mix well, and bottle immediately.

Fold a few pinches in a paper packet containing your travel details. Tuck this into your luggage or the glove compartment of your car. For more travel general protection, you can sprinkle a few pinches in the footwells of your car, or just keep a few blank paper packets around if you frequently travel on short notice.

Note: These recipes are the original creations of the witch known as Bree NicGarran. If you choose to post them elsewhere, please give credit.
Please note that these recipes are meant as curios and are not guaranteed to work for everyone, or to be substitutes for practical action.
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