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Simple Protections for Yourself and Your Home


All of the things listed below are measures that I have either tried myself, learned from friends, or picked up from a book somewhere along the line. I have a fairly extensive listing in my Book of Shadows, cobbled together from various sources, most of which I do not properly remember. However, I feel that most of them are close enough to common knowledge to excuse my lousy memory.

1) Lay a line of salt across a doorway or windowsill. Refresh each time it rains or whenever you feel uneasy in the room/house.


2) Over a doorway, hang any of the following:

    White sage (protection, purification, warding)

    Besom (protection, house blessing, can be made of many woods)

    Iron horseshoe, open end up (fortune, warding off ill luck)

    Pentacle/ankh/cross/etc. (house blessing)

    Rowan twigs (protection, warding off intruders)

    Twig of acorns (protection, refresh seasonally)

    Charm bag (made to specific purpose)


3) Keep a bottle of anointing or perfume oil on your altar. Include it in the circle whenever you cast a blessing or spell of protection or healing. Then, on days when you feel low or drained or in need of extra strength, anoint your pulse points and your third eye with a few drops. (This also works with consecrated water, but I find the scent of the oil to be a nice reminder throughout the day.)


4) On your altar, keep a small dish of stones and/or crystals with which you have a resonance. Allow them to absorb magical energy from your venerations. When you have need of their properties, simply slip one into your pocket. (This can also be done with small pieces of jewelry. I find anything with a crystal works particularly well.)


5) Sleep with spearmint leaves under your pillow or mattress to ward off bad dreams and keep you safe while you sleep.


6) Hang an ivy plant by the front door to keep away negative influences and unwanted guests.


7) Smoke-cleanse a room with purifying herbs to cleanse the atmosphere and clear away negative energy.


8) Leave a trio of white candles burning in any room that feels heavy or oppressive.

Note: These protection methods are collected from numerous sources and the personal experience of the witch known as Bree NicGarran.
Please note that these methods are meant as curios and are not guaranteed to work for everyone, or to be substitutes for practical action.
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