Grovedaughter Witchery

 Toxic Person Removal Spells

Here are some simple methods for getting someone out of your life:

  • Carve a plug out of the side of an onion. Write the person’s name on a piece of paper, stuff the paper in the hole, and replace the plug. Take the onion far from your home and throw it away.
  • Line your doorsill with black salt or sprinkle some where you know the person is going to walk. Black pepper or cayenne can be substituted.
  • Write the name on a piece of paper. Sprinkle it with herbs like cayenne, curry powder, and lemon verbena. Seal the paper into a packet with black wax and bury it, burn it, or stuff it into a jar.
  • Write the name on a piece of tissue paper and put it in a jar of vinegar and lime juice. Leave it there until the paper dissolves.
  • Make a clay poppet. Put a name paper or a piece of the person’s hair inside. Bathe the feet with a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice, and cayenne for seven days (works best during a waning moon), then discard the poppet by burying it somewhere off your property, tossing it into a lake, or simply chucking it in the garbage.
  • Once you’re done, a sachet of oregano, rosemary, and thistle hung by the door, or an ivy plant on the porch, will help deter that unwanted party from returning.
Note: These spells are the original creations of the witch known as Bree NicGarran. If you choose to post them elsewhere, please give credit.
Please note that these spells are meant as curios and are not guaranteed to work for everyone, or to be substitutes for practical action.
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